When Does Someone with an Aging Mind Need Extra Care?

It is easy to tell when someone’s eyesight is starting to deteriorate but it is much more difficult to know when a loved one’s aging mind is jeopardizing their well being. To make matters worse, many seniors today are taking multiple prescriptions from a host of doctors and specialists. Once you start reading about the side effects of each, it may sound like a laundry list of things that can easily affect a patient’s judgment, balance, ability to concentrate or process information.

So, where should you begin and how can you tell when additional help is needed?

Where it is normal to see a slow decline in memory, thinking and reasoning skills that are similar to the physical limitations that naturally occur with the aging process, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are ten warning signs to watch for:

  1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life
  2. Challenges in planning or solving problems
  3. Difficulty in completing familiar tasks
  4. Confusion with time or place
  5. Trouble understanding spatial relationships
  6. Problems with words in speech or writing
  7. Losing the ability to retrace one’s steps
  8. Decreased or poor judgment
  9. Withdrawal from work or social activities
  10. Changes in mood and personality

Although everyone has a “senior moment” from time to time, it is important to not ignore signs of dementia. With early detection, your loved one can get the most from available treatments and may be able to maintain a level of independence much longer. Plus, you and other family members will have more time to make decisions about healthcare options, living arrangements, financial matters and building your own support network.

If you start to find yourself overwhelmed by all of the information you have unearthed, All At Home can help. With the growing number of baby boomers reaching old age, more and more families are having to make difficult decisions about caring for their loved ones. Just give us a call at 904.551.6942 for your free consultation. We have the answers for keeping your loved one living at home for as long as possible.



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