Skilled Nursing Care in Jacksonville

According to the Administration on Aging, only 3.5% of the population over 65 lived in institutional settings, such as nursing homes, during 2012. All At Home Care is a licensed home care service company that helps seniors stay in their home even when skilled nursing care is needed for his or her recovery from a surgical procedure, an unexpected injury, a chronic illness or a disability. To ensure the right fit between our clients and our healthcare providers, we create an individualized plan that meets the unique physical and emotional needs to improve your loved one’s health while enhancing his or her quality of life.

Change can be difficult and maintaining stability for our clients and their family members is our number one goal. Our skilled in home nursing staff acts as a liaison between at-home patients and their physicians in a most effective and timely manner. Since home healthcare involves your loved one’s well-being, we bring the highest quality of personalized care to help them cope with the transition of managing a chronic medical condition or recovering from an unexpected injury, illness or surgical procedure.

Our healthcare team works together to coordinate patient-centered care and promote the positive outcomes during times when you are busy managing other responsibilities. We can help your loved one recover as quickly as possible from illness or injury and prevent possible complications from a hospital stay while performing many of the activities associated with daily living. Having the freedom and independence to do things for themselves can help your senior maintain a more active lifestyle, which is often essential for an optimal recover. And, knowing your loved one is receiving the highest level of care in your absence, is priceless.

When your loved one is sick or injured, there is no place like home. From live-in care to brief wellness visits, our skilled nurses can be there whenever you need us the most. Thank you for considering All At Home Care for your skilled nursing needs. Our Specialty Programs