Home Health Care Services in Jacksonville

Over the next three decades, the number of people that are 65 years of age or older in the United States is expected to double. An unexpected fall or sudden illness can threaten a senior’s independence and ability to perform daily activities causing many adult children to be thrust into the role of a caregiver. While caring for an aging family member is a labor of love, most people are ill-prepared to take on the added responsibilities. In fact, juggling the management of their own household with the demands of in-home care for a loved one can lead to a decline in their own health and quality of life. All At Home Care provides affordable options that ensure your aging family member will receive the highest quality care in the comfort of their home.

At Home Healthcare

As a large portion of the American population ages, many people will be faced with the issues of caring for an elderly loved one. Whether it’s your parent, grandparent, or a spouse’s parent, you want to provide them with comfort and security as they age. This can become more difficult as their physical condition deteriorates and they begin to need more help on a daily basis. Depending on your loved one’s wishes, placing them in an assisted living facility or nursing home may not be the best approach for your family.

For a sick or injured senior, having the freedom to live in their home can be very important for their health and wellness. With a wide array of at-home healthcare services, we can help your aging family member to stay independent longer. If your loved one needs help caring for themselves but is reluctant to move, having a healthcare professional to work closely with medical providers is a smart way to honor their wishes and give yourself peace of mind at the same time.

At Home Companion Care

According to the Administration on Aging, around 29% percent of older people who are not placed in a live-in care facility are living alone. Many times, this is due to the senior’s preference. Understandably, your parent or grandparent may want to stay in the home they are accustomed to and enjoy their independence. However, as people age, everyday tasks can become too hard to handle and feelings of loneliness can lead to despair.

Our at-home companion care services can assist with errands and routine tasks that may have become challenging, such as bathing or keeping up with his or her medications. With the right level of in-home care, your loved one’s quality of life can stay the same, without too much disruption to their regular routine. All At Home caregivers aren’t there just to watch your family member, each are trained to provide professional care that supports your loved one’s emotional well-being by encouraging them to stay socially active and engaged.

We know that caring for elderly loved ones can be challenging in many ways. If you or someone you love requires home health care in Jacksonville or throughout much of Northeast Florida, we’re here to help. Call us for a free consultation.