It Isn’t Selfish to Think About Yourself.. Too!

If you are faced with caring for an aging loved one, it is easy lose track of yourself. This could be due to the fact that most of us are taught at a very young age to not be selfish. So, when it comes to caring for family members, we develop certain feelings about always putting others (especially an ailing parent) first. However, we are not talking about sharing our pie and ice cream. What we are talking about is providing at home care that can require specialized skills for both companion and health care services. In light of the emotions surrounding your loved one’s needs for personalized care, it is easy to completely forget about your own needs.

As you work through the concept of honoring your mother and father, it easy to lose track of yourself. You may choose to skip lunch every day to check on a parent that is aging in place; or maybe you spend endless hours each week with a senior family member at their doctors’ offices in lieu of visiting your own healthcare provider. If you are already doing these things or something similar, it is crucial that you learn to take some time for yourself. After all, you can’t really help someone else if your own health starts to unravel.

Since people are living longer nowadays, more and more adults are having to assist loves who are still living at home. Unfortunately, no matter how sincere your efforts are, there is an inevitable reversal of the parent-child roles. At this point, making the right decisions and delivering the best care can become a real challenge. This may also be an indicator that it is time to start taking better care of yourself by seeking the help of a professional caregiver who has skill sets that are much more effective in dealing with your aging loved ones.

Recent studies have suggested that taking of a loved one can add 6 years to your own aging process causing your body to be six years older than your chronological age. In other words, the actions you take out of love can easily lead to your becoming dependent on a younger family member six years sooner. For a free in-home consultation to discuss your specific needs, call the specialists at All At Home Care today.



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