10 Top Risks of Senior Isolation

As we age, our social contacts tend to decrease for a variety of reasons. Retirement, lack of mobility, children moving away and the illnesses or deaths of spouses, friends and other acquaintances in the same age group all contribute to an ever-increasing degree of isolation for seniors. According to the US Census Bureau upward of 28 percent of people aged 65 and older lived alone in 2010 – a figure that reflects some 11 million seniors.

Among the troubles that isolated senior face are:

  1. Increased risk of mortality
  2. Decline of physical and mental health
  3. Increased risk of developing dementia
  4. Higher vulnerability to elder abuse
  5. High risk of depression
  6. Susceptibility to long-term illnesses and conditions such as chronic lung disease, arthritis and impaired mobility.
  7. Boost in blood pressure.
  8. Increased likelihood of the need for long-term care
  9. Increased likelihood of engaging in unhealthy behavior such as smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise.
  10. Contagious effect of isolation in caregivers of elders, which can negatively affect their quality of care.

The dedicated staff at Jacksonville’s All At Home Care know just how important social interactivity is to an elder’s physical, mental and emotional health. If your loved one needs companion care at home, call 904-551-6942 and schedule a consultation today.



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