Technology Can Make Senior Living Easier

There’s a commercial that makes light of seniors looking to their grandchildren when they have a question about their technical or electronic devices. Although there is supposed to be humor in the ad, for many seniors this is a major truth in their lives. The need to learn about and embrace new forms of technology in our lives has been present since the most basic “tech”, such as fire and the wheel were first discovered.

Today, technology is more complicated and has developed much faster in this century than in any of the previous ones. Many people with grandchildren are turning to this newer generation to decipher how today’s technology works. More than 43% of seniors will go to their grandchildren if they have a question about their cell phone or computer, compared to 37% who turn to their own kids.

Seniors Embrace Technology

Some tend to assume that seniors are bound to be less than proficient with technology, and will not catch on. Although some like the old fashioned way of doing things, others are more than willing to try something new. This could be using email, searching for information online, shopping online, participating in social media, or finding the right smart phone applications that will help them continue to function more efficiently.

While it may sometimes take some extra encouragement from someone more familiar with newer technology to get seniors up to speed, overall today’s seniors are often plenty tech savvy once they learn how their computers and devices work and how to get the most out of them. According to the Pew Research Center, 59% of those over 65 use the Internet. For most, the bug hits nearly as hard as any other age group. More than 70% go back online every day, and more than 80% are online every day. Primary reasons for being online are similar too, such as communicating with relatives, shopping online, or keeping track of health issues.

Technology Helps Foster Independence

Many seniors are using technology in an even more important way — as a way to stay more independent for a longer period of time. Those who have problems remembering what they need to do can set alarms on their smartphone calendars that will remind them. Even this small adjustment can mean the difference between remembering to take medication, or forgetting it.

There are also apps that keeps track of the user via GPS, and can come in handy if there is any tendency to get lost. Many use their phone applications to summon professionals to come to their aid should they suffer a fall or get lost while they are away from home. Some even use home monitoring systems for their adult children and health care professional to keep watch in case a senior is at risk of a dangerous situation.

Here at All At Home Companion Care, we know how important it is to many seniors that they stay in their own homes as long as possible and to continue to do as many things independently as they can. While many elderly people are fine most of the time, family members are comforted with the knowledge that care professionals are on alert and ready to respond to any emergency that arises. Not only are we dedicated to the physical health of our senior customers, but we also provide companionship that helps keep seniors engaged in the world around them.

Contact us to learn more about our available services and how our decades of experience can help you and your loved one. We ensure our clients to get more out of life while aging in place.



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