Call All At Home Care for a Free Consultation

All At Home Care provides a complimentary in-home consultation that helps us to understand the [read more >

When Does Someone with an Aging Mind Need Extra Care?

It is easy to tell when someone’s eyesight is starting to deteriorate but it is [read more >

10 Top Risks of Senior Isolation

As we age, our social contacts tend to decrease for a variety of reasons. Retirement, [read more >

It Isn’t Selfish to Think About Yourself.. Too!

If you are faced with caring for an aging loved one, it is easy lose [read more >

3 Reasons Why Seniors Need Flu Protection

A 2013 study on the effectiveness of flu vaccinations showed that 80-90% of flu-related deaths [read more >

Make a Plan for Aging in Place

As people age, they face both physical and mental challenges. Sadly, many people fail to [read more >

How to Help Protect Seniors from Loneliness

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 11 million, or 28% of people who are aged [read more >

Steps to Reduce Risks from Falls

Sadly, as people age, their risk of falling dramatically increases. In fact, the Centers for [read more >

Dementia Risk May Be Linked to Cynical Distrust

Did you know that seniors with a cynical distrust of others may be at an [read more >

Should Seniors Avoid Drinking Coffee?

Every morning, you roll out of bed and head straight to your kitchen. Before doing [read more >



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