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Medicare Coverage for At Home Healthcare


Seniors who need part or full time care after discharge from a hospital can now receive at-home care without having to worry about who is going to pick up the tab. Anyone who has Medicare Part A and/or Part B coverage is eligible for compensation for at-home care expenses, including skilled nursing care, the cost of medical materials used in the home, therapy services and/or counseling.

Are You Eligible?

There are a number of requirements you must meet in order to qualify for Medicare coverage for at-home care. First of all, you must be under the care of a doctor who will regularly review your case and the services you are receiving. The doctor must certify that you are homebound and need continual care from a nurse and/or therapist. Furthermore, the agency providing at-home health care services must have Medicare certification.

What About Other Expenses?

Medicare provides separate compensation to cover the cost of doctor visits and/or the purchase of durable medical equipment to be used in the home. However, there are several expenses that Medicare will not provide coverage for. These are round the clock care, homemaker services, personal services and meal delivery.

It is hard for anyone who has been discharged from hospital care to fully care for him or herself. It is doubly hard for seniors to do so, as age, chronic health conditions and/or mental health issues can make it hard to get around and remember what medications to take and when. Thankfully, senior citizens can benefit from at-home health care without having to worry about the costs. While Medicare does not pick up the tab for everything, it does provide ample coverage to seniors who need medical assistance and/or therapy and would rather receive this care at home rather than in a facility.

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