Wound Care in Jacksonville

In the future, the need for in-the-home wound care is expected to rise as the number of men and women 65 years or older doubles. All At Home Care can help your loved one adjust and overcome the fear of caring for his or her wound in their home. Dressing management and ostomy wound care are essential to create a conducive healing environment. Wound debridement may be required to eliminate dead tissue or foreign matter and enhance wound closure. When needed, our staff can also educate family members and assist with ostomy products, compression wrappings and non-healing wounds.

Acute wound care normally falls within one of two groups: post-surgical and post-traumatic. There are numerous surgical procedures where the wound being treated is related to the incisions made during surgery. Sometimes these wounds are purposefully left open or have tubes to facilitate drainage. Post-traumatic wounds, such as punctures, abrasions and burns, can take all shapes and sizes. Due to the growing problem of hospital-borne infections like MRSA, any acute wound should be treated as emergency wound care. Our staff is well-trained in helping seniors overcome challenges of post-surgical and post-traumatic wounds.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, chronic wounds affect about 6.5 million patients with over $25 billion spent annually for treatments. Chronic wounds are those that have failed to heal or restore functional integrity to the wound site in a timely manner. There are a number of factors that can cause non-healing wounds including diabetes, poor circulation, vascular disease or a lack of mobility. Since chronic wounds are not commonly seen in individuals with good overall health, it is crucial to seek professional assistance when treating older adults in their home. The demand for this type of healthcare is growing at a very rapid rate, as the loss of quality of life in afflicted seniors comes at a great cost.

Wounds that are left to heal on their own often result in complications or serious scarring. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your senior’s need for at-home wound care.