Patient Education & Support in Jacksonville

To reduce the overall costs of medicine and improve patient safety, episodes of in-hospital care are relatively short nowadays. According to a published report by the Department of Health and Human Services, the average hospital stay for patients 65 years and older is 5.5 days, which makes patient education an important support mechanism for motivating a senior family member that is living alone. The effective communication of condition-specific information is a proven way of encouraging a senior patient to comply with their treatment plan, so they can return to an active, rewarding lifestyle.

During the time they are in the home, our caregivers build a relationship with the client that often provides them with the best opportunity to educate the senior about his or her condition, the importance of medication management and the need for them to closely follow their overall treatment plan. We understand that everyone learns differently and always personalize our approach to improve each senior’s concept of self-care with the goal to increase the quality of life they will enjoy while living independently. All At Home patient educators are culturally sensitive and incorporate technology appropriately to advance patient knowledge.

While our home healthcare services for patient education focus on the senior’s role, we also engage family members who will provide ongoing support. This includes an overview of what to expect as a family caregiver, especially for those cases where dementia or memory loss is already an issue. It is important for those family members to understand how to overcome difficulties and continue to provide reinforcement of in-home safety and healthcare management, such as medication management. After all, the most successful recovery depends on everyone’s knowledge of the situation.

Knowing more about their medical condition and how to properly care for themselves can make a huge difference for those aging in place. Call All At Home today for a free consultation about our home healthcare services.