Parkinson’s Disease at Home Care

Currently there is no standard diagnostic test used to determine that your loved one has Parkinson’s Disease. To make matters worse, parkinsonism is a generic diagnosis that refers to any neurological disease that causes a movement disorder. In addition, there are other diseases such as stroke or hydrocephalus (often called Parkinson’s Plus Syndromes) that can mimic the symptoms of the disease making it more difficult to diagnose, especially in the earliest stages of development. However, a skilled physician can usually perform basic neurological exams to support an assumptive diagnosis.

Everyday tasks for your loved one will become harder to handle as Parkinson’s Disease advances. Even active, healthy seniors can have trouble with daily activities that they once thought were easy. Allowing your loved one to age with dignity is a priority for every family. But you may have to work and care for your own family, so helping your loved one to maintain a separate residence could become overwhelming. Our physical, speech and occupational therapist can help seniors who have movement disorders and problems with postural instability that would otherwise prevent them from living independently.

At-home caregivers and health aides can also play a major role in ensuring your loved one continues to enjoy the highest quality of life as the disease progresses. In addition to helping a senior manage their nutrition and medications, we can educate them about activities that may benefit their symptoms as well as help them to plan ahead, so they are better prepared to deal with the disease on their own terms. Since Parkinson’s Disease doesn’t just impact the affected senior, taking an occasional break can help family members maintain their health and wellness. For that reason, we also offer respite care and other 24-hour in-home services.

All At Home caregivers can evaluate changes in your loved one’s functional abilities, provide instruction on taking an array of medications and assist with recovery following deep brain stimulation surgery. Call today for a free consultation.