Neurological Disorders at Home Care

Without a doubt, neurological events are among the most frightening medical conditions that you might face with a senior family member. Feelings of helplessness and worry are common when the brain and nervous system are involved. As is the case with most serious injuries and illnesses, recovery from a neurological disorder does not end when your loved one is discharged from the hospital or healthcare facility. The process can continue for months or years as he or she receives the appropriate combination of physical, occupational or speech therapies along with the monitoring of their ongoing medical condition.

All At Home Care can provide the skilled nursing, therapeutic and companion care that your family member may require to live comfortably in their home throughout the recovery process. Common neurological disorders that our staff are experienced in handling include, but are not limited to, stroke, traumatic brain injury, movement disorders, cerebrovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia, neuromuscular diseases and peripheral nerve damage. Sometimes the outlook for a full recovery can be pretty good where other situations may require an adjustment to the senior’s lifestyle.

While prescribed therapies can be used to restore some lost function, lifestyle changes may be needed to prevent the recurrence of conditions as well as minimize the impact of physical, emotional and mental disabilities caused by the affliction. A medication management program is usually implemented to help restore or prevent the worsening of your loved one’s condition, as well as to help them manage pain and discomfort. Obviously no single treatment is going to fit every need, but with the proper monitoring, assessment and communication, the best outcomes can be achieved.

If you are concerned about the well being of a loved one who has experienced a neurological impairment due to an accident or illness, contact All At Home Health Care today for a free consultation.