Medication Management in Jacksonville

According to the Administration on Aging, most seniors have at least one chronic medical condition and many have multiple health issues that require medications to be taken at home. If you have a loved one with multiple prescriptions and over-the-counter cures that are taken daily, they are always at risk of taking an incorrect dosage or missing a dose altogether. To ensure better outcomes when managing problems at home, our caregivers can ensure the appropriate and timely use of all medications.

In addition to managing doses of prescribed drugs, our staff are trained in observing how well the senior’s medicines are working. It is important to make assessments of effectiveness as prescriptions are being taken to provide feedback for the prescribing physician. Sometimes the doctor will consider alternatives when a given medication is not well tolerated or fails to deliver positive results. Routine medication management can be a key component in maintaining your loved one’s health, thereby reducing the need for emergency room visits or hospitalization.

Ensuring that prescriptions are taken and refilled on time is one of the pressing issues facing seniors who live independently. This is often due to a reduced cognitive capacity or poor vision in the senior being treated. All At Home healthcare providers can assist with obtaining senior-friendly containers and large-print labels which can lead to an increase in compliance. We also provide education on the use of compliance aids such as pill boxes and medication management calendars.

Older adults have a narrow therapeutic window, so monitoring his or her medication schedule should be an ongoing process. Let us help with at-home interventions to ensure proper medication management for your senior family member.