Meal Planning – Grocery Shopping – Errands

As your loved one ages in place, it is easy for them to lose interest in food. Sometimes an illness or medication can make food less appetizing. For others, the loneliness of an empty table may create uncomfortable emotions around mealtimes making the entire process of planning, preparing and eating food unappealing. Once an older adult starts to have memory issues, the onset of their dementia can become a major obstacle to good nutrition. Even those seniors who do continue to plan meals, shop for groceries and eat regularly may find it difficult to eat the right foods as their nutritional needs change.

According to Fernando Torres-Gil, Assistant Secretary on Aging, some experts estimate that over a million homebound seniors in our country may be malnourished. This in turn leads to unwanted weight loss and loss of strength that may lessen their immunity to disease and exacerbate his or her debilitation. Department of Health and Human Services have conducted studies that have shown nutritionally deficient seniors have more expensive hospital stays that last almost twice as long as their healthy counterparts. At home companion care can help to eliminate many of the problems through encouragement and assistance.

Errands and household to-do lists can overwhelm an aging family member with the never-ending list of things that they need to get done. Our in-home caregivers can improve your senior’s situation by keeping their house cleaned, their cupboards filled with nutritionally balanced foods and their prescriptions picked up on time. In addition, our staff members are experienced in building a solid relationship that often makes them more successful in recommending, encouraging and supporting other activities, such as working in the garden or taking a daily walk with their grandchildren.

Maintaining a happy, healthy life can be very difficult for older adults who are faced with the problems of aging at home. Contact us today for your free consultation to discuss your options.