Light Housekeeping – Laundry – Transportation

A key to your loved one living safely and comfortably in their home is to help them keep it cleaned and organized. As he or she ages in place, it is important to reduce their risk of accidental injury and/or illnesses related to living in unsanitary conditions. In most cases, this starts in the bathroom and kitchen areas. The need for proper sanitation and cleaning is obvious; but it is equally important to ensure all bathroom cabinets and kitchen cupboards are safe and well organized.

Everyone spends time every day in their bathroom. Our at-home staff of caregivers are experienced in identifying potential hazards that could become a threat to a senior’s health as well as items that might pose a unique challenge, like a worn-out throw rug. Not only can we provide important household services, we can also ensure your loved one’s medicine cabinet is organized to reduce the potential for dangerous mistakes. Additionally, keeping expired or spoiled foods out of the kitchen cabinets and refrigeration can help prevent food-borne illnesses that could lead to serious complications for a senior.

It’s hard to beat clean sheets but changing linens and doing laundry can pose a real challenge for an older family member. Our light housekeeping and laundry services will ensure your loved one gets a good night’s sleep and has freshly laundered clothes to put on every morning. Whether your senior still drives or not, our home services can eliminate their risk of being seriously injured on today’s crowded roadways by driving or taking care of errands for them. As part of All At Home’s overall services, our caregivers will keep your aging loved one living in a safe, healthy environment.

All At Home Companion Care makes it possible for your aging family member to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a clean and uncluttered home. Call today and leave the dirty work to us.