Cardiovascular Disorders at Home Care

If your loved one is diagnosed with heart failure, it doesn’t have to mean that his or her life is over. It does mean that they will need medical intervention for the diagnosed cardiovascular disorder. This can (and should mean) that your senior family member takes their cardiologist’s recommendations very seriously. Whether there is an immediate need for an operation, such as bypass heart surgery or a major change in their diet, the affected senior will need to make a full commitment to making lifestyle changes and following their doctor’s orders.

Once they are released from the hospital, your loved one will require at-home cardiac healthcare services as well as assistance with many household chores and other daily activities. After heart surgery or cardiac catheterization, he or she will need a medication management program and a menu plan that includes important dietary changes. As their body continues to recover, they will also need to adopt heart healthy behaviors, such as age-appropriate exercises and restrictions on the intake of salt (sodium).

Treatments after a major cardiac event like a heart attack do not end with your senior’s release from the hospital or nursing home. All At Home Healthcare services can provide skilled nursing, physical and occupational therapy, health aides, and companion care givers all trained to provide specialty care during the convalescence period. Each know how to monitor your senior’s progress, make important assessments and communicate with appropriate physician about strategies for managing the disease. In addition, our companion caregivers will be there to do whatever is needed, so your loved can recover as quickly as possible while living in their home.

Our goal is to help those diagnosed with a cardiovascular disorder maintain their independence and remain at home during their transition to a healthier lifestyle. Call for a free consultation.