Brain & Spinal Cord Injury at Home Care

An injury to the brain or spinal cord can occur as a result of trauma, tumor, illness or degenerative disease. Severe injuries to the head, neck or spine can lead to temporary or permanent physical disabilities as well as cause significant changes in your loved one’s thinking, memory, behavior, personality or ability to communicate. Our in-home nurses, therapists and care givers can help your senior adjust to his or her new living situation and implement proven routines to compensate for all types of nerve damage. We can also assist with any household tasks or personal needs.

Paraplegia can result from spinal cord damage in the lower part of the back leading to the paralysis of a senior’s body below the waist. On the other hand, a quadriplegic received a spinal cord injury to the neck area causing paralysis to his or her lower body, upper body and arms. Either injury can result in a loss of bladder and bowel control, and may require incontinence care in addition to other healthcare services. Within an individual’s capabilities, we will help your loved one achieve the highest level of independence possible.

All At Home is dedicated to seeing that your loved one has the opportunity for real life experiences and a maximum state of health following an accident or illness that leaves them with brain or nerve damage. Our goal is to educate and demonstrate ways they can bridge the gap between their limitations and desire for living independently. We also offer respite care to allow family care givers an opportunity for personal time while knowing their loved one is safe, secure and receiving quality care in their absence.

We provide specialized medical management, skilled nursing, therapies and companion care services for senior’s living at home with brain or spinal cord injuries. Call for a free consultation.