Bathing – Dressing – Grooming

The older your loved one gets, the more likely they will need personal assistance to maintain good hygiene. Unfortunately the slippery surfaces found in most bathtubs and showers can create an unsafe environment for older family members who choose to stay in their home, and especially for those living alone. Sometimes a fear of falling and injuring themselves can negate an elder’s desire for looking and feeling their best. If memory loss becomes a problem, they may struggle even more with bathing and getting dressed, which can cause them to abandon proper self-care as they chose to wear the same clothes day after day.

For a patient’s family, ensuring an elder is bathed, groomed and dressed for daily living can present quite a dilemma. Respecting the elder’s wishes is important but allowing someone who needs at-home assistance and companion care to live alone without it can lead to disaster. All At Home Care allows you to select the exact types of extended care that your loved one needs to maintain their sense of independence and ensure they stay well groomed and excited about how they look at home and in public.

All At Home caregivers are also trained to offer minimal to full assistance with restroom use, including medical or post-surgical incontinence care. Our staff understand the importance of respecting the individual’s privacy while providing a professional-level of companion care for aging family members whose illness, disabilities or memory issues create problems for controlling their bladder or bowels. After all, keeping the exposed areas of a senior’s skin clean and dry can mean the difference in their staying healthy at home.

Elderly homecare is a great way to give your loved one some freedom without sacrifice to their safety and wellness. Contact us today to learn more about our at-home companionship services.